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Aquarelle Lip

Tattoo Lightening

Our Aquarelle Lip Treatment allows us to help you achieve the perfect pout of your dreams. This procedure is lovely choice for those who desire improved symmetry, a more defined lip line or to restore volume to thin lips that have lost fullness with age. This European technique is a modern form of cosmetic tattooing that enhances your lips with a sheer tint of color. We carry a wide
array of colors and will custom blend the perfect shade for you. Simply add a clear gloss and you are ready to go.

In this current day and age, permanent makeup has been become quite popular, especially leading the way towards us truly being able to wake up looking gorgeous with little to no effort.

As many clients know, not all permanent makeup applications are made equal. You may have had a poor job done by an unseasoned provider or perhaps you decided the application you once loved just isn’t for you anymore.  Whatever the case may be you might simply desire a change. The good news is there is a solution for you. With some simple saline tattoo lightening, you can have your tattoo lightened and in some cases even removed.

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If you struggle to apply your eyeliner correctly our permanent eyeliner treatments may be a wonderful solution for you... Permanent eyeliner opens up the eye area making the eyes appear bigger, intensifies lash density, and creates the illusion of longer luscious looking lashes. Different options are available starting with an elegant, natural defined lash line to a glamorous smoky and smudge-free eyeliner. Enjoy waking up daily to beauty, and feel confident when not wearing any makeup.

Allow us to help you achieve a beautiful set of symmetrical eyebrows that stay looking perfect all day without having to worry about smudging or wiping them off. We offer a variety of brow services to suit your needs. Not only will our treatments instantly enhance all other facial features, they also create a fresh and more youthful appearance. These techniques are absolutely life changing and once you have your new brows you will not be able to imagine yourself without them.