Arrival Time


Will vary with each individual client and using a pencil or powder may still be needed.  We have no control over what occurs during the healing process. Absolutely NO guarantee will be made and additional sessions (charged accordingly) may be required to obtain optimal results. Additional fees will apply.

All Procedures

Your appointment is very important to your artist at Danielle Kelsoe's Brow & Cosmetic Artistry as it is reserved especially for you.  We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for cancellations before the beginning of your appointment. Please note: without proper notification 1) All full microblading and full permanent cosmetic procedures will be charged a flat fee of $500. 2) All other treatments will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of your service.  


If any other technician applies permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo) over an area originally done by Danielle, she will no longer perform any future procedures. No exceptions.

Healed Results

We will always try our best to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, etc.  It happens, we know! However, your tardiness can affect the remainder of our artist’s schedule by delaying them from their clients who come in on time.  For this reason, we allow a 10-minute grace period. If you arrive 10 minutes or more late to your scheduled appointment time your session will be cancelled and a missed appointment fee of 100% of the cost of your service will be charged to your account.


We cannot guarantee results for candidates that have had cosmetic tattooing elsewhere.  In some cases where the previous work is too dark, dense, discolored, or large, tattoo removal will be highly recommended before we begin the cover-up/re-work. Previously tattooed areas and cover-ups will almost always require additional touch-ups for best results and will be charged accordingly.

Children & Pets

Your touch-up appointment can be scheduled no sooner than 8-12 weeks following your first session.  Your skin needs ample time to fully heal and regenerate before tattooing it again. Although the touch-up appointment is not mandatory, it is highly suggested for best results. Additional Color Refresher appointments will be charged depending on how much work is to be done. Refreshers are generally required every 1.5-2 year’s.


Late Policy

are NOT allowed at Danielle Kelsoe Brow & Cosmetic Artistry… even though we love both dearly.


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For first time clients we ask that you please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled appointment to fill out the paperwork.